Taste 11 exceptional wines from Moldova!


National Wine Day 2019, is the biggest holiday dedicated to the product of national pride, this year will be held on October 5-6.

The 18th edition of the National Wine Day (NWD) – an emblematic event of our country, will pass beyond the Great National Assembly Square (GNAS), including for the first time the whole square of the “Birth of the Lord” Cathedral and the E. Doga pedestrian street from Chisinau. On the first weekend of October, NWD will be divided into several theme areas.

The wineries will also be found this time in the Tasting Booklet, a good practice initiated in 2017 and taken from the good international practices, which allows us to implement one of the ONVV OBJECTIVES – moderate wine consumption. These can be purchased online – iticket.md and afisha.md and at during the event at Info Points.

68 wine producers from will present their wines and leave new products during the national holiday.

For two days in the heart of the capital will be arranged several areas:
The Wine School – This year, the traditional Wine School will have a much more extended program. Masterclasses guided by professional sommeliers will be held in two specially arranged tents, between 1 PM and 7 PM. Here the holiday’s guests will be initiated into the mysteries of the responsible consumption of Wine of Moldova.

Info point – At the entrances of the Central Square, on Stefan cel Mare boulevard, there will be infopoints, where visitors will be able to get information about the program of the event and will be able to purchase the Tasting Notebook, but also promotional materials with the visual identity of the event.

Relaxation area – the guests will be able to stay in the relaxation area specially arranged with tables and benches made from recyclable materials and until 4 PM they will have the opportunity to enjoy the recitals of several performers and bands (“Select String Quartet”, “7Klasse”), as well as music mixed by several DJs, who will perform in the Central Square.

Peasant yard – In the park of the “Birth of the Lord” Cathedral, at the traditional Peasant Yard, the housewife and the householder will welcome the curious guests to see the most frequent activities and works carried out in the autumn. There will also be held several workshops for creation and weaving of baskets and furniture made of osier and twigs.

Craftsmen’s Fair – In the immediate vicinity, on the E. Doga pedestrian street, visitors will be able to admire and buy the handicrafts exhibited by dozens of popular craftsmen.

Wine Tours – Visitors will be able to start in wine tours to the origins of Wine of Moldova, right from the tourist infopoint located on Grigore Vieru boulevard. From here, those wishing to discover the product of our national pride, will have the opportunity to go to the 11 wineries with tourist facilities in the country which have prepared special programs for the National Wine Day: “Basavin Winery”, “Castel MIMI”, “Chateau Cojușna – Migdal-P”, “Mileștii Mici”, “Chateau Purcari”, “Chateau Vartely”, “Vinăria Poiana”, “Vinuri de Comrat”, “KARAGANI”, “Barza Albă”, “Kvint”.

Gastronomy – Traditional cuisine can be found in the Arch of Triumph area, where dozens of housewives and catering companies will offer visitors the most delicious Moldovan dishes.

Artistic program and entertainment – the concerts dedicated to the 18th edition of the National Wine Day move to the main stage of the E. Doga pedestrian street, on which the most beloved local artists and from abroad will perform: the “Via Daca” band, Pasha Parfeni, the “Tharmis” band, Lupii&Calancea Band, Dj Marcus Lower, LUIKU (Ukraine), Vița de Vie (Romania), Niko de Transilvania (Romania).

Traditionally, the start of the holiday will take place in the Great National Assembly Square.

Come to Central Square on October 5th and 6th, to celebrate the coming of age of the most important holiday dedicated to the Wine of Moldova!

The National Wine Day is organized by the National Office of Vine and Wine, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment, the wine producers’ associations with PGI “Codru”, “Traian Valley”, “Stefan Voda”, “Divine”, with the support the strategic partner of the event, the Moldovan Competitiveness, Project, the general partner Moldova Agroindbank and the payment card of the event Mastercard.

The Event in Numbers:




Master Classes


Wine Tours


Artists and Bands


The Great National Assembly Square

5 October

Prezentatori: Vlad Marcoci, Dana Ciobanu

10:45 –11:00 

 Arrival of the official delegation to the PMAN – welcomed by the ONVV representatives.

11.00  – 13.00 

Prologue – Thematic vocal-choreographic composition “Paparudă” performers – 4 singers, “Art Studio Repede”, Popular Dance Ensemble “Mărțișor”

Invitation of the Official Delegation on stage.

Officials’ speeches

Handing prizes and distinctions to the official delegation – handing prizes and distinctions.

Finally, inviting the official to visit Pop-Up ONVV, the winemakers’ stands.

11.30 – 20.00 

11.30 am – 12.00 am DJ musical background

12.00 am– 01.00 pm “Select Strings Quartet” – Music program

01.00 pm – 03.00 pm Sommeliers master-classes (periodically)

Dj musical background

03.00 – 04.00 pm ”7 Klasse” Band – acoustic program.

04.00 – 06.00 pm Sommeliers master-classes (periodically)

DJ musical background

04.00 – 08.30 pm DJ musical background

05.00 – 08.30 pm translation on screens the concert from Pietonala street.

12.00 – 17.00 

2 actors (in themed costumes) ” Household and Housewife” – Animation in the “Peasant Court”. Photos with visitors.

Folk craftsmen – Pottery, plaiting of the slab, the carpet weaving master-classes

12.00 am – 02.00 pm Folk Band (4 instrumentalists) – national music program.

02.00 – 05.00 pm Traditional dance of Moldova Master-class –– 4 dancers, in traditional costumes, photo cu visitors.

02.00 – 05.00 pm DJ – folk music program.

Activity – Wine School.

Zone – Sensory path (Wheel of flavors)

Wine tasting dedicated zone –Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wine tasting with ONVV experts

Evening – Dj music and artistic lights.

01.00 – 05.00 pm Activity – Park zone 

Photo zone – “Wine Day” (volumetric letters)

Interactive workshop – painting on wine bottles.

Four music areas (in different park areas), 3-4 musicians, two of them with singers – two at a time, extending one hour apart with the other two.

Near the music zone – 2 areas of painting in full action, with small exhibition and master-classes, painters that draw visitors.

Selfie Bus – photo area for visitors, with gifts pictures with National Day of Wine logo.

05.00 – 08.00 pm LED screen – concert translation from Pietonala street.

Pietonala street 

Different interactive photo areas for visitors.

•Here – Selfie area, where visitors can have their photos printed immediately with the National Day of Wine Logo.

Folk craftsmen on both sides of the street.

04.00 – 05.00 pm Dj – musical background. Prezenter announces from backstage information about future concert on the screens is translated the activities from PMAN.

National dance in front of the stage (dancers in national costumes) – master-class

05.00 pm– “Via Dacă” Band

05.45 pm – DJ Markus Lawyer

06.25 pm – “Luiku” Band (Ukraine)

07.20 – 07.40 pm Musical Background (preparation for Lupii)

07.40 – 08.30 pm Lupii – Alex Calancea Band.

08.30 – 09.00 pm Musical Background.

6 October

Prezentatori: Vlad Marcoci, Dana Ciobanu

12.00 – 12.30

Chamber of Commerce awards the prize “Golden Barrel”

12.30 – 20.00

12.30 – 01.00 pm DJ musical background

01.00 – 02.00 pm ”Elite Quartet” – musical program.

02.00 – 03.30 pm Sommeliers master-classes (periodically)

DJ musical background

03.30 – 04.30 pm Accordionist Ensemble”Concertino Band”

04.00 – 06.00 pm Sommeliers master-classes (periodically)

DJ musical background

04.00 – 08.00 pm Dj musical background

•04.30 – 08.30 pm translation on screens the concert from Pietonala street.

13.00 – 17.00

2 actors (in themed costumes) ” Household and Housewife” – Animation in the “Peasant Court”. Photos with visitors.

Folk craftsmen – Pottery, plaiting of the slab, the carpet weaving master-classes

Selfie Bus – photo area for visitors, with photo gifts with National Day of Wine logo.

01.00 – 03.00 pm Folk Band (4 instrumentalists) – national music program.

03.00 – 05.00 pm Traditional dance of Moldova Master-class –– 4 dancers, in traditional costumes, photo cu visitors.

03.00 – 05.00 pm DJ – folk music program.

Activity – Wine School.

Zone – Sensory path (Wheel of flavors)

Wine tasting dedicated zone –Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) wine tasting with ONVV experts

Evening – DJ music and artistic lights.

Activity – Park zone 

Photo zone – “Wine Day” (volumetric letters)

Interactive workshop – painting on wine bottles.

Four music areas (in different park areas), 3-4 musicians, two of them with singers – two at a time, extending one hour apart with the other two.

Near the music zone – 2 areas of painting in full action, with small exhibition and master-classes, painters that draw visitors.

05.00 – 08.00 pm LED screen – concert translation from Pietonala street.

Pietonala street 

Different interactive photo areas for visitors.

•Here – Selfie area, where visitors can have their photos printed immediately with the National Day of Wine Logo.

Folk craftsmen on both sides of the street.

03.30 – 04.30 pm DJ – musical background. Prezenter announces from backstage information about future concert on the screens is translated the activities from PMAN.

National dance master-class in front of the stage (dancers in national costumes) –

05.00 pm– ”Nico de Transilvania” + instrumental trio, vocal

05.15 pm – Pasha Parfenii + instrumental band.

06.30 – 06.40 pm Musical Background (next V. Uzun)

06.40 pm – Valentin Uzun and ”Lykos” orchestra

07.30 – 07.45 pm Musical background (install ”Vița de Vie”)

07.45 – 08.30 pm ”Vița de Vie” Band

08.30 – 09.00 pm Musical background.

Wine Tours

During the celebration of the National Wine Day you can find information about wine tours at the infopoint located near Turist Hotel. Buses to wineries will departure also from there.


The 17th edition of the National Wine Day will encourage and promote moderate and responsible consumption of quality wine. Taster’s Booklet will guide you to taste and enjoy the Wine of Moldova, helping navigate through the four Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) areas and offering them a number of other facilities.

*Taster’s Booklet will be valid for two days and can be purchased for the promotional price of 150 lei before the day of the event. On the day of the event, the booklets will cost 200 lei and will be available at the specially installed tents in the Great National Assembly Square.



Every year in early October, people all across the country begin the wine-making process with the grapes that they grow in their own gardens. Both red and white grapes are harvested, crushed, and left to ferment in a process special to each individual family within the country. The beginning of October also holds one of the most interesting festivals that Moldova hosts: National Wine Day.

Национальный день вина – это веселый и очень яркий праздник, который в разные осенние месяцы проводится во всех странах, издавна славящихся своими традициями виноградарства и виноделия. Не стала исключением и Молдова, чьи винные напитки можно найти на прилавках любого российского супермаркета. В этой стране Национальный день вина отмечается ежегодно в первые выходные октября.

Orientation guide for the Wine Town.

Ziua Națională a Vinului 2017 a atras și în acest mii de turiști din străinătate, care ne vizitează țara cu scopul de a cunoaște Vinul Moldovei și a se familiariza cu tradițiile noastre. Unitățile de cazare din capitală s-au dovedit din nou neîncăpătoare pentru toți doritorii de a participa la evenimentul din 7-8 octombrie.